Buy $TECK at $22

BUY TECK:NYSE  at $22 Teck Resources Ltd is a Vancouver Canadian company that is ready to go x-div on the 14th. (Watching this close) TECK is in Oil Sands, Copper, Metallurgical Coal, Zinc and other metals, chemicals and fertilizers. We would like to increase our material sector holdings from less than 1% to over 2.5% … [Read more…]

1/4 In $UTX @118.39

  Yesterday I started a new position in NYSE: UTX, United Technologies Corp. I am adding UTX to increase my position in the Aerospace and Defense industry. UTX is in takeover talks with Rockwell Collins NYSE: COL. The stock has taken a hit on the rumors of this potential takeover. Here are some reasons why: … [Read more…]

Bullish On US Oil and APA

Today I am upping my investments to 7% in the Energy Sector. I have chosen Apache Corp NYSE:APA as a first time purchase to my portfolio for 2 reasons: 1. I believe the price of a barrel  of oil has bottomed 2. The US will become energy independent and APA will be a beneficiary. A … [Read more…]

XLF off by 18% but not really

From the look of the chart XLF appears to be falling off a cliff, actually it’s not. It’s all due to the 11th sector: Real Estate, being born from the Financials Sector. XLF will be shedding its current real estate holdings in the form of a special dividend, which will be paid to XLF shareholders … [Read more…]

Now there are 11 and it’s Real

According to the Schwab Newsroom dated today, beginning September 1, there will be a new sector added to the major classification system. The current GICS started in 1999 as published byt the S&P.  There are 10 (or were 10 if you are reading this after Sept 1) classifications: Consumer Discretionary; Consumer Staples; Energy; Financials; Health Care; … [Read more…]