Buy DIS at $99

In my recent post, “Three $100 Buys on a Pullback” I suggested buying Disney (DIS) on a pullback to $100. However with the huge drop in price today (nearly 6%), I lowered my strike price to $99.


Disney did cross under in late trading but is now hovering around the $100 mark.  Adding DIS to my portfolio is the plan, saving an additional $1 share is hopefully a good idea because today I could have owned DIS at $100.

According to TD Ameritrade’s Social Indicators, in the last 7 days the DIS
brand has been tweeted 157,425 times with a 94% positive sentiment. In
the past 30 days, nearly a quarter of a million tweets were regarding the
Star Wars brand.

Here are some additional twitter tags and emojis that will help whip up the Star Wars fanatics:

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