Change in Sector Investing 2012-2015

The 2015 Beaglefolio

The Beaglefolio invests in 13 Sectors providing  both conservative capital appreciation through rents, royalties and dividends and medium risk growth investments at as core investment strategies.

ETF’s, Real Estate and BTFs (Bonds, Treasuries and Funds) are top three sectors in the YE 2015 Beaglefolio. In 2012 BTF, Tech and Energy were the top three sectors.


Energy made up 15% of total Beaglefolio assets in 2012. Due to loss in value and some selling of energy sector assets current holdings are just 6.4% of total assets.  CVX , VLO and OXY are core energy assets. Energy is ranked #7 of all Beaglefolio Assets.

2015 ETFETFs and Real Estate
The biggest swing in investing was starting to aggressively invest in ETFs in 2013 and new Real Estate investments were made in 2014 and 2015 .  Both investment sectors are at the top of the investment pyramid and both realized sizable increases in percentage of portfolio value over the past 3 years. ETF investments increased from 3% in 2012 to over 18% in 2015. All ETF and stock investments reinvest the dividends.

Below is a list of the Beaglefolio ETFs in order of total value as of 12/26/2015.

etfMorningstarHealthcare sector ETF: PJP was added to the Beaglefolio on 10/8/13. Morningstar rates PJP 5 stars. This ETF is up 56%. PJP has been a top performer since August 1, 2015 despite the volatility in the market.

Also in the healthcare sector PPH was added on 4/3/2014 and again on 7/7/2014.  It has returned 9.4%.

Food and Bev ETF: PBJ was added on 12/13/2013, returning a 28% return.

Small Business Sector ETF: SCHA was added on 6/4/2014 and Financial Sector EFT: XLF was added 3/20/2014. These EFTs have returned  1% and 7% respectively.

World AG EFT: CROP was initiated on 4/12/11 and 7/11/11. No further investments have been made to this EFT as it has languished at 6%. Morningstar now rates CROP a one star. Top CROP assets held by Japan, China, Australia, the US and Indonesia. With top food production plants in Canada, US, China, Thailand and New Zealand. Top fund holding is Nisshin Seifun Group

Going Forward
Additional real estate, EFT and stock investments will be considered during 2016. Stock sectors currently under evaluation are Tech, Financials, Discretionary and Health.

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