Now there are 11 and it’s Real

According to the Schwab Newsroom dated today, beginning September 1, there will be a new sector added to the major classification system.

The current GICS started in 1999 as published byt the S&P.  There are 10 (or were 10 if you are reading this after Sept 1) classifications: Consumer Discretionary; Consumer Staples; Energy; Financials; Health Care; Industrial; Information Technology; Materials; Telecommunications; and Utilities. The 11th sector will be Real Estate.

10 Sectors


Formerly Real Estate was part of the Financial Sector. With current investing opportunites limited to stocks and bonds, real estate has been a new focus for many investors looking for better returns on invested capital. According to Schwab:

The new real estate sector will mostly be made up of equity real estate investment trusts (REITs), with some real estate development companies included. Equity REITs own physical property—such as apartment buildings, office property or shopping malls—and typically receive rental income. (Mortgage REITs, which own mortgages instead of physical property, will remain in the financials sector.)

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