Linkedin Fairly Priced at $88

After buying LNKD shares at $80 and $75, it’s time to sell half my holdings at $88 per share.

Yesterday, Morgan Stanley, UBS, J.P. Morgan and Bank of America/Merrill Lynch — set price targets for the shares ranging between $85 and $92.  Ken Sena of Evercore Partners initiated coverage on June 13 with a $70 price target.

I believe it is time to book my 10% gain on my $80 per share holdings and hold on to my LNKD stock I bought at $75.

Linkedin has been an extremely volitile stock ranging from $60.14 to $122.70 per share. I will hold on to a small amount of stock and look to buy more once we see next quarters performance.

I still believe in LNKD, but when the stock moves up so fast in such a short period of time, its time to take a little off the table.

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Sell 1/2 INTC Holdings on Downgrade

At 10:55 this morning, I sold 1/2 of my INTC position at $23.2716 per share. Since we are past the x-dividend date of May 4 and the date of record of May 7, I will still recieve my June 1 dividend payment.

Why the sell?
1. Goldman Sachs downgraded the stock to a target of $20 per share.
2. I can buy back the stock before the August 4 (estimated) x-dividend date.
3. It looks as if INTC has reached a peak. So I’m taking some off the table.
The dividend rate is currently 3.04% so I want to be back in this stock before the first of August. If the stock drops below $20, I will likely buy at that time.

I still believe that INTC has a great story and will be a large part of the future of computing. If the stock does drop yet the fundamentals hold up, I may double my buyback. And I’m keeping half of my position just in case Goldman is wrong and the corporate pc upgrade kicks in large.

Sell TAP at 47

I sold my entire TAP position today at 10am for $47 per share. I have held a position since November 5/2009 with an adjusted cost basis of 44.049 per share. I’ll take a small gain in my small position at this time because it looks like TAP has some strong headwinds. From raw material costs to continuing slow economic growth, TAP looks like it will be stuck in this price range or worse, may decline in price.

Other headwinds can be seen in these headlines:

UPDATE: Molson Coors 1Q Net Down 21%, Volumes Continue To Slide
Molson Coors: Seeing Discounting By Smaller Brewers In Canada
Molson Coors CFO: Seeing ‘Significant’ Cost Challenges From Inputs
Molson Coors: Year-Ago 2Q Benefited From World Cup Sales
Molson Coors: 2Q Comparison In UK Will Be Challenging
Molson Coors CFO: Higher Fuel, Freight Costs Add Pressure

Sell C at $4.55

Before the start of today’s trade, Citigroup Inc. announced a 1 for 10 reverse stock split and said it plans to pay a quarterly dividend of a penny a share in the second quarter. Reverse split and then a penny dividend? A penny?

“The reverse stock split and intention to reinstate a dividend are important steps as we anticipate returning capital to shareholders starting next year,” said Chief Executive Vikram Pandit in a press release.

I’m selling.

Rarely does a revers split work out well for stockholders. A 1 for 10 split with today’s presplit price is really a one-tenth of one cent dividend. Vikram, that is not much of a return. Don’t you think something more worthwhile would make more sense?

My plan is to pickup Citi under $35 after the split. Long term, I’m still bullish on C. Short term, I’m completely out.

Order Placed Sell GS at $171.49

I’m selling half of my target GS holdings at $171.49 if the stock ever gets there. I will still be holding 1/4 of my target allocation of GS.

Why am I selling? GS took me by suprise today by having a larger quarterly drop than expected.  GS’s institutional clients traded less and the backlog of investment-banking transactions shrank. Yes they still have a backlog, but the trend is not good. Fourth-quarter revenue declined to $8.64 billion from the prior year’s $9.62 billion. Profit-per-common share was $3.79 compared with $8.20 in the final three months of 2009.

I think it is time to take a little GS off the table after such a nice run up on the stock. I will put a buy back in at $155.

In the long run, I am bullish on GS and agree with Credit Suisse’s target price of $190. In the short run, I don’t consider GS an ‘outperform’ as CS does. I think GS is due for a pull back and I look to pickup some shares in the next three to six months at my target buy price.

If GS ever hits $190 I will either sell my remaining shares or half of my holdings, if I bought more.

Why I like GS:

Goldman Sachs is a best of breed franchise with a strong balance sheet and an ability to gain market share against its piers. GS has a myriad of businesses that include investment banking and institutional clients.

What I SOLD in 2010

What I sold last year:


I sold EMC at $19.25 for a 18% long term gain – still holding significant number of shares. Sold too soon.

I sold all my SLV at 27.65, 43% short term gain, but did I sell too soon? Very scary at these levels. Looking for a major pullback before considering any purchase.

I sold all my UUP in March at 27.65, good move because I got out with a 2.5% gain and now the fund is down to 22.71. I’m staying away.

I sold 200 shares of PG at $63 early on February 18th, I had a 31% short term gain on half the shares. I bought 100 shares on May 5 at $60. Gives me 200 shares total. Considering additional shares.

I sold 150 shares of RIMM on February 18th and then my remaining shares on April 26 all at an average selling price of $70.92. Good move because RIMM is trading at $58.13 right now. Looks like the stock peaked at the end of March. I have zero shares of RIMM at this time. Looks like I sold just in time.

I sold RFMD after holding the stock for just one month. If you have a 21% gain in a month, I think that might be a good time to book profits. I sold RFMD on October 28 at $7.33. Today the stock is trading for $7.35. Waiting for a pull back on this before considering.

I sold TBT at $50 on January 13, 2010 booking an 11% profit in less than 3 months. Looks like I sold just in time.

First and Last Call of 2010 was January 6

After ending last year by selling some GE for a loss (read: tax purpose)  and then buying 71 GE Calls on December 30, March 20 2010 Call 13 @ 2.94, I then sold those calls on January 6 @2.70, netting me $3072 in one week. But that scared the crap out of me. The call-put prices are so volatile, it seems like a crap shoot. That was the last call I bought in 2010, and I didn’t buy or sell any puts either.

Sell SLV at $27.70

SLV has had a long good run, I’m up 42% since 09/08/10 when I bought the ishares at $19.5499. Now I’m ready to sell.

Options trades are now showing concerns about silver. Bearish puts on the iShares Silver Trust (SLV) are at unusually high levels, according to a new report by Brendan Conway for Dow Jones Newswires.

Day two of the correction in metals with gold down nearly $30 as of this post and silver retreating by almost 5%. The saying goes that metals take the escalator up and the elevator down.

“The market fears that the increase in Treasury yields will soon push real yields back in positive territory,” says MF Global precious metals analyst Tom Pawlicki. “The developing trend of higher stocks, dollar, and yields signals economic growth. That would take away the need for previously bullish drivers like safe-haven or more quantative easing.”

Another reason for selling SLV is China and what they plan to do with interest rates. If they do raise interest rates, as expected, that could slow investment demand in precious metals.

Downside Risk
Downside risk has been above average. SLV has a draw down risk of -95.13%, which is the largest price decline experienced over the last three years. – Source: The Street Ratings

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Stock Order Change – EMC, MCD, RFMD, CSCO, CVX, FTR

I just updated my stock orders. Now that the elections  are over and the fed is printing money, I have modified my trades to the following:

Summary 2 Sell orders and 5 buy orders.

Sell 200 EMC ‘E M C Corp Mass Com Limit $22.00 – This stock is hitting new 52 weeks highs, I still will hold 500 shares after the sale. I may buy more on a pullback to $20.50.

Open Buy 1000 RFMD ‘Rf Microdevices Inc Com Limit $6.00 -rode this stock up 21% in 29 days. Waiting for another pullback. I have owned RFMD in the past.

Open Buy 100 MCD ‘Mcdonalds Corp Com Limit $75.00 – I like the McDonald’s story. Great international exposure, especially in China. Looking for a pullback to get in. This will be my first purchase of MCD.

Open Sell 200 CSCO ‘Cisco Sys Inc Com Limit $27.50 – Cisco has been my best performing stock over the past 2 decades. I have gotten in and out of this stock at peak times. If this stock hits my strike price in the next month or so, I want to sell half of my holdings and wait for another pullback to buy more.

Open Buy 50 CVX Chevron Corporation Limit$ 80* – I hope to be buying this for my retirement account on a pullback to $80, where it will pay a dividend of over $3.5%. This will be in addition to my position in CVX

Open Buy 500 FTR Frontier Communications Limit 8.40* – This also if for my retirement account. A pullback to the $8.40 area will yield this stock around 8.5% – this would be my first position in this stock.

Open Buy 600 MO Altria Group Inc. Limit 23* – Adding to my retirement account, a pullback to $23 is a stretch, but if it does, it will yield over 6%. offers a full range of iPad Rentals. Get yours today by visiting or by calling 800-736-8772.

Review Order Status MO, CVX, INTC, CSCO

Buy 1/4 INTC at 19.50
Sell 1/4 CSCO at 27.50

CSCO one month chart.

IRA – Retirement
Buy 1/2 MO at 23
Buy CVX at 80

MO one month chart

INTC – IT spending, driven by aging computers and bandwidth-consuming applications for PCs and servers will provide healthy demandfor microprocessors. S&P’s 12-month target price of $25 is based on PE expansion to 12x. Bonus: The dividend yield over 3%.

CSCO – With a higher PE ratio than INCT and no dividend yield, I plan to dump more CSCO when it approaches it’s 52 week high.

IRA – Retirement
Currently selling all investments which pay no yield and replacing them with good, stable yielding stocks such as ED, MO and CVX. I also hold good yielding stocks in my retirement sch as CAT at 2.22%, PM at 4.48%. Looking for a dip to pickup more MO and CVX.

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Trade Execution Sell SPY at $114.81

SPY was originally purchased 06/28/2004 for $114.20/share. Today I am booking a 61 cent profit over 6 years. SPY also provided me with dividends amounting to nearly 10% of the purchase price of the ETF: SPY.

From the peak of the S&P 500 in November of 2007 to today the stock dropped 57% but has rebounded to only being down 26% off the Nov 07 peak.

With elections coming up, I’m not sure which way the market will move. Especially after this huge September move.

Likely with uncertainty caused by the fall elections, they will go down. Therefore I am reducing risk by selling all SPY holdings. I will consider re-investing after the elections.

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